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ADVANCE diamond saw chains

The user benefits from the superiority of the ADVANCE diamond saw chain technology through particularly smooth running, long durability and particularly low elongation.

With ADVANCE chains, each chain link is covered with a diamond segment. They are suitable for all machines with 3/8 chain pitch, regardless of whether they are hydraulically, petrol or electrically driven. Cost-effective conversion kits are available from us for other chain pitches.

Three different chain types allow an extremely wide range of applications:

UNIVERSAL - ideal for fast cuts in concrete, even with heavy reinforcement as well as with hard aggregates and for granite.

PROFESSIONAL - service life-oriented, ideal for concrete, also with reinforcement, achieves maximum performance on high-drive machines.

ABRASIVE - ideal for highly abrasive building materials such as masonry made of sand-lime bricks, sandstone or bricks

ADVANCE is the new saw generation chain! Are you looking for a chain to match your branded machine? Contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

You can find suitable guide bars here.

Kettenlänge:30cm, 33cm, 35cm, 38cm, 40cm, 48cm, 60cm
Typ:Universal, Professional, Abrasiv


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